The Lyrics To One Direction’s “What Makes U Useful”!

After nearly a year of waiting, fans can watch the full version of One Direction’s Sesame Street song “What Makes U Useful”!one direction what makes u useful

The song, which was uploaded over the weekend, is all about the letter U as its various uses, set to the tune of the classic One Direction single “What Makes You Beautiful”!

The song not only reminds us all how handy the letter U can be, but is also a bit of a time capsule into the past, as the band recorded their Sesame Street scenes in December of 2013!

There’s no news yet on when the boys’ full episode will air on TV. In the meantime, check out the lyrics listed below, and join our 1D community only at Sweety High!

This letter’s U

You know it’s true

It starts some words, there are more than a few

U starts “uh,” and “ugh,” “up,”

U starts udon, there’s some in this cup

Twenty-six letters are in the alphabet, but we’re here to sing about U

U, you begin the word ukulele

U, there’s a UFO flying by me

U, when you’re gone I feel so unhappy

I love U

U, you know, you’re so useful

U for unique, that’s a unique gown

U, check it out, Elmo’s upside-down

U, there’s a unicorn dressed as a clown

Letter U, that’s what makes you so useful

Don’t get upset, U’s what you get

And when you swim underwater you’re wet

U starts urn, that’s what I’ve learned

And a unicycle’s hard to turn

Twenty-six letters are in the alphabet, but we’re here to sing about U

 U for utensils in Grover’s hands
U is for uncles but not for aunts
U, there are U’s on those underpant
Letter U, that’s what makes you so useful
U, you’re the ultimate, come take a bow
U, there are udders under that cow
U, check it out, it’s Burt’s unibrow
Starts with U
U, you know you’re so useful
That’s what makes U so useful
That’s what makes U so useful

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U is now my favorite letter.
omg is there anything better than sesame street??
awww I love love LOVE THIS!
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