3 Things That Will Ensure an Awesome Summer

Summer is here and it's time to PAR-TAY (well kind of)! The Sweet Beat wants you to have an awesome time, so we are giving you 3 insider tips to ensure that this Summer will truly be Sweet.

1. Never Surrender to Boredom– When it seems that there is absolutely nothing left to do, and your free time has passed the point of overwhelming, remember that this is not the case! Instead of dwelling on how bored you are- get crafty! Learn how to knit, get artsy and snap some photos, give yourself that awesome Katy Perry-esque manicure, Build a tree house…We could keep going, but we wouldn't want you to get bored! ; )

2. Keep Your Friends Close– Your friends are your biggest asset in the Summer time–You are all on the same boat, so try and utilize this. Think of fun activities you and your friends could do together. Try and be creative: have a BBQ, plan a run way show, volunteer for a beach clean up…ETC. ETC.

3. Relax!– Yes, we admit that we are saying that Summer has to be go-go-go, but to be honest it doesn't! Try to not over-exert yourself, and remember it's ok to admit defeat and take a nap (when need be). Even if this means just taking ten minutes out of the day to skim through your favorite magazine, or to catch up with people on your favorite website–Just do it!!

Have an AWESOME summer!!! XOXO The Sweet Beat