OMG A Frozen Sequel Is Coming!!!

A Frozen mini-sequel called Frozen Fever comes out on March 13, 2015, playing before the new live-action version of Cinderella. A new featurette reveals secrets about the short, and we've got 9 reasons we can't wait to see it!

9 Reasons You HAVE to see Disney's Frozen Fever

1. The chance to return to the gorgeous Arendelle. It's not even frozen this time!

Frozen Fever- Return of the beautiful Arendelle

2. Olaf is back and as cheerful (and adorable) as ever

Frozen Fever- Olaf is back to enjoy the flowers

3. We finally get a chance to see how Anna and Elsa's relationship as sisters has unfolded since the events of Frozen

Frozen Fever- What are Anna and Elsa like as sisters?

4These cuties will be back, too

Frozen Fever- return of reindeer Sven and Kristoff

5. Frozen Fever reminds us yet again that even princesses wake up with bed head 

Frozen Fever - Anna's bed head

6. Elsa gets a gorgeous new look in green and purple, and it looks like she's using her icy powers for floral decoration this time around

Frozen Fever- Anna's new green and  purple ensemble

7. Of course, Olaf is ready to get into even more trouble

Frozen Fever- Olaf gets into some trouble by eating the cake

8. We'll get to see exactly how a queen throws a birthday party for a princess

Frozen Fever- Queen Elsa throws a party for Princess Anna

9. We might get to find out the story behind this adorable family photo

Frozen Fever- Cutest family photo ever with Sven, Kristoff, Anna, Elsa and Olaf

In the new short, the kingdom throws a massive birthday party for Anna, but when Elsa catches a cold it may put a chill on things. If you're as excited to check it out as we are, be sure to let us know in the comments below and share your favorite Frozen news, pics and more with us at Sweety High.