GIVEAWAY: Win Asia Monet Ray's Favorite Things! WINNER UPDATE!



I looooved reading all of your comments and was so inspired by all of your stories! It was so hard to pick just one of you, but…


The winner is  Briana!!! Briana is also a dancer and an amazing soccer player. I love when people are so passionate about something. Briana, I hope that even if you become a famous soccer player you never stop dancing!



Even though I could only choose one winner, I loved SO many of your stories and I wish I could pick more of you! So many of your comments stuck out to me that I wanted to give more of you a shout out!


Aarika said…

"My ultimate dream and goal is to someday own and run my own bakery!? I've been baking with my grandma for most of my life. She was definitely my biggest supporter and my role model before she passed away. I would like to open my own bakery and name it after her?"

I would love to visit your bakery someday ?


Krystal said…

"My dream is to one day open my very own center for the arts so all of the kids just like me in my area can share the love of theatre, music and dance. I aspire to help others become the best they can be and I believe this makes me a better person as well. I won't stop until my dreams come true."

I love that your dream will help and inspire so many people! ?


Kloie said…

"My dream to achieve is to become a better dancer just like you! I know it will take some work but I know that I can do it if I have the right motivation. You are my motivation!"

Just keep dancing and working hard and you can do anything! ?


Thanks again for sharing your amazing stories with me! Learning all about you is one of my favorite things ever, and now I'm obsessed and totally want to do another giveaway! That's where you guys come in. You're all so creative and I want to hear what you think I should do next. Scroll down to the comments and tell me all of your ideas! I will read all your comments and I can't wait to do another fun giveaway for you! ?



asia monet ray's favorite things giveaway

Here's all the fun things I want you to win:

  • A tiger head backpack, just like mine?(his name is Leo, but you can name yours anything you want!)
  • The same sports bra and leggings I wear all the time
  • This furry coin purse. It looks like my dog, Mochi!
  • This S'well water bottle that keeps my water cold ALL DAY YOU GUYS!
  • My fav accessory — a wrist speaker, so I can listen to my favorite songs anywhere!?
  • Some Sweety High sunglasses to block out the haters?
  • The most delicious Quest Bar flavor ever, Cookies & Cream!

BONUS! Since it's the LAST DAY to enter?, I want to give away another thing I absolutely love — my fave eyeshadow pallet!


So let's get to how you can win!

I love love love sharing all of the fun things I get to do with all of you, so now I want to know more about you guys! Here's what I really would love to know:

  1. What is the ultimate dream you want to achieve?
  2. Who is your biggest cheerleader and supporter?

I can't wait to read ALL of your comments! I'm so excited to learn more about your wildest dreams!

You only have ONE WEEK to enter, so leave a comment below ASAP (rules). I'll be updating this post with the winner and letting you know when they've been chosen on all my social media!


Good luck everyone!? ?, Asia