Cimorelli Cover Ariana Grande's "Problem"!

Cimorelli's latest music video tackles Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea's hit single "Problem" and makes the track all their own with a harmonic twist!Problem Cimorelli Ariana Grande

The new homemade music video shows the girls outdoors having fun in the summer sun as they belt out Ariana's famous single. The girls take the track and break it down to make it absolutely perfect for six voices amazing working in unison!

The video is lively and off-the-cuff, and the sisters seem to be having the time of their lives! Plus, Dani  performs Iggy Azalea's rap this time around, and the results are fabulous!

As always, the video concludes with some adorable and hilarious bloopers. We love that these girls never take themselves too seriously and look positively fierce in the process!

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