Demi Lovato's Perfact Man is "Funny, Good Looking, & Driven"

Demi Lovato looks GORGE on the cover of Latina magazine's November issue! She sat down with the mag to talk about her new "happy, healthy, and driven life, as well as the importance of being a role model.

Check out the juicy tidbits below:

On airing out her problems: "It wasn't my idea, to be 100 percent honest. It was influenced by management, publicists and family. But they were all bringing up a good point: What teens need most is someone that they can relate to – someone they connect with on serious subjects like eating disorders, cutting, bipolar disorder, depression and bullying. I've been there. I get it. Why wouldn't I be honest about it so I could help someone else?"

On being Latina: "Latina culture means warm family gatherings, special stories and a bond that I love to experience. I feel so much love and comfort when I'm with [the Latino] side of my family. It makes me proud of my culture and my ethnicity."

On her big career dreams: "In 2012, I really want to be at the Grammys. And I don't want to go unless I'm nominated, presenting or performing. It's my lifetime goal to be able to say I'm nominated. So I really want to make that happen."