DIY Halloween Costume Of the Day- Day # 6!

Today's last-minute costume is SUPER easy to put together- if you're a tea drinker that is! If you're an unrepentant Anglophile and love all things Britain, this bag of tea costume might just be your bag!

Start with the underclothes. I picked a plain black pair of leggings and a long-sleeved shirt, but you can decide on whatever you'd like.

The important part is finding an over-sized white pillowcase that will cover your body! With the open-side down, cut out a hole in the top of the pillowcase for your head, and on the sides for your arms. You're nearly done!

Next, get your favorite tea that comes in a little paper box, and cut off the front of the box with a logo on it. Get a length a twine and tape, glue, or tie your tea tag on the end of it, and stick the other end to the top of your pillow case.

You'll look ready to brew in no time!