DIY Space Invader Tree Ornaments With Perler Beads!

It's the fourth day of our 12 days of holiday DIYs! Only 9 days until Christmas! Today we'll show you how to make adorable Space Invaders-themed ornaments for your tree using perler beads, adapted from My Poppet!space invaders holiday ornament diy

All you'll need a variety of perler beads in various colors, parchment paper, an iron and a bit of string. These little plastic pieces can be placed on a pegboard and ironed until they fuse together to make a solid shape, and are available online or at your local craft store!

First, lay down the beads in the desired pattern on your pegboard. Place a strip of parchment paper over the pegboard, making sure it covers all of the beads. Preheat your iron to a medium setting and move it over your beads in a circular motion for about 10 seconds, or until the beads have been melted together!

Remove the parchment paper, carefully flip the pegboard and remove your shape. Flip to the un-rioned side, replace the parchment paper, and iron the other side!

Find an opening in the shape and loop your string through to create the hook and you'll be ready to go!

Space Invaders are among simplest characters you can make, but if you want to get a little bit more fancy you can use other awesome pixellated video game characters as a reference. Check out some more simple ones below!video game perler bead orn copy

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