Four Jackets That Are Must Adds To Your Outfit This Fall!

Okay, okay, we know it's a LITTLE early to be talking about winter wear, but Girls Life (GL) magazine gave a bunch of amazing tips on must wears that we just had to share! So here's four tips (courtesy of GL) on what to expect for this coming fall!

1. A Bright Trench – rainy days are going to be all the rage!

2. Military – You're going to be wishing that you were in the army! Military patterns are back and here to stay!

3. Colorful Blazer – Baby blue, hot pink, or green? Match it up with a pair of skinny's and your favorite top and it will add that extra "umph" to your outfit that you've been waiting for!

4. Leather – Always a classic! Leather Jackets always add an edge to your outfit, making you the cool, dark, mysterious girl!