Get Ready for Season 2 of The Glee Project!

Last night, we watched as both Samuel and Damien won The Glee Project! Ryan Murphy gave the deets about how the two of them would get 7 episodes each and that Alex and Lindsay, the runner-ups, would each get 2!

The finale was everything we could possible want in an episode, after all, Cameron Mitchell and the rest of the cast came back to do the last music video with the final four contenders!

Can we talk about how cute Cameron was looking? If he didn't give up his spot to Damien, he could have been one of the two winners!

The Glee Project has gained a big fan following so it comes as no surprise that the show has been renewed!

We hear that for the casting, they'll be jumping from two spots for open calls to four or five. We also hear that there will be more cast members stopping by for the casting of the show. Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet participated in the casting last year and now more Glee stars are going to join in on the fun.

We can't wait to get more details on Season 2! Can Cameron come back for the next season too?