Girls World Expo Educates On Girl Power!

The Girls World Expo is holding a special girl power event today at San Diego's Del Mar Fairgrounds for girls aged 11 to 18!Girls World Expo

The event aims not just to educate girls, but to help them realize their full potential by seeing what opportunities are available to them!

Girls will get a chance to meet successful women in all fields and learn how they overcame the obstacles facing them in order to find success! Girls will explore college and career options through workshops, demonstrations, science exhibits and more.

They'll also get to hear from women who have become leaders in business, government, industry, the arts, and just about every other field!

The event will also feature music and dance performances by local artists, a raffle, a runway fashion show, art exhibits and more!

We think it's amazing that events like this highlight the importance of girl power! What does girl power mean to you? Join us at Sweety High and let us know!