Happy Earth Day!

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day! It's definitely time to celebrate. Over the decades, Earth Day has spread enivornmental awareness. Want to get involved? Here are the best Earth Day-related websites!

5. Kids for Saving Earth

Want to learn more about global warming? Curious about which elementary schools are getting involved? Kids for Saving Earth has all these answers and more.

4. Tree Hugger

An eclectic site, featuring enviro-activist artists, a look back at old supporters (we're talking black-and-white photos here), and a note by the current EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

3. Heal the Bay

Easily the best designed environmental site, Heal the Bay is a non-profit activist organization based out of Santa Monica, CA. Their goal: to rid Southern California water ways of toxic trash, so that humans and animals alike can enjoy a day of good clean fun at the beach.

2. Earth911

This site is giving out 40 Tips for Earth Day's 40th – answers to things like: what should I do with old medication? Where is the nearest recycling center? What should I do with my broken TV?

1. Earth Day: Official Website

No surprise here! The best site to learn more about Earth Day? Earthday.org, of course! You can learn about the community impact of earth day, and add your own enivornmental pledge.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day this year?