How to Know If Someone's Playing Hard-to-Get or Just Isn't Interested

How many times have we been smitten on a certain someone, but can't really gauge if they're interested?

On one hand, you think they might be playing hard-to-get, but  then there's also a chance they just aren't interested in you. It's confusing, stressful, and downright time consuming. Do you they like to keep you on your toes, or are they straight-up not feeling you? Find out below.


The beginning of any relationship, be it friendship or more, always starts with friendly banter on text or social. Is your potential person engaged in conversation—even if you have to initiate? Or do they just not respond at all or days later?

Playing Hard to Get: Waits for you to text or DM first, but always responds once you do.

Isn't Interested: Literally never responds, responds with minimal words, or responds with no question at the end.

Playing Hard to Get: Waits a few days to accept your social media request.

Isn't Interested: Doesn't accept your friend request.


The Zones

There's a fine line between being unsure if someone likes you and them just not being interested. Sometimes people act like they're not interested when they really are, so it can be hard in the beginning to tell. If it's really ambiguous, then that's a good sign! But if they keep friendzoning you and tell you they're not into you, then don't push it.

Playing Hard to Get: You can never quite tell how they feel about you.

Isn't Interested: They've blatantly told you they don't like you, or they keep referring to you as "friend," "buddy," "pal," or, even worse—"man."



Ah, flirting. It's harmless and fun, but can be totally harmful and un-fun if you're into someone and they're constantly flirting with others.

Playing Hard to Get: Intentionally makes you jealous by alluding to other love interests.

Isn't Interested: Vents to you about being in love with other people.

Playing Hard to Get: Is flirty with others in front of you, but it's never anything serious.

Isn't Interested: Flirts with others in front of you, and tries to pursue relationships with them.

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Hanging Out

Time is valuable and if they're already logging hours with you, chances are you're developing something special, even if it turns out to just be an amazing friendship. If they never hang out with you, though, they're probably not super interested in pursuing a friendship or anything more.

Playing Hard to Get: Hangs out late when it's just the two of you even though it's not an official date.

Isn't Interested: Never hangs out with you.

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Teasing can be a tricky one, as it tends to be a sign of endearment. But does the teasing go too far? You be the judge.

Playing Hard to Get: teases you in silly ways (calling you short, for example, or making light physical contact) or references inside jokes you have.

Isn't Interested: teases you in a way that feels intentionally mean or aggressive.

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