Home, Starring Rihanna, Releases Its First Trailer!

Check out the brand new trailer for the upcoming Dreamworks animated film Home, starring Rihanna and Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons!Home Trailer Rihanna Movie

Home is based on the novel The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.

When an alien species called the Boov are pursued by an enemy race of aliens, they start searching the universe for a new place to make their home. Earth seems the perfect place to settle down, so they invade the planet, relocate the humans and try to make Earth their own.

But a girl named Tip (Rihanna) escapes and teams up with a rejected Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons). When Oh's hijinks accidentally help the Boov's enemies locate Earth, the two unlikely friends team up to save their home!

The film also features Jennifer Lopez as Tip's mom and Steve Martin as the Boov leader, Captain Smek.

In addition to lending her voice to the film as Tip, Rihanna also sings a song for the movie's soundtrack!

Home hit screens across the nation on March 27! Tell us what you think of the movie in the comments below and tell us about your favorite upcoming movie releases at SweetyHigh.com!