Howl Away, Little Puppy! Video Pick Of the Day!

Listen to this baby Alaskan Malamute's first howl!

This Alaskan Malamute puppy is just 2 weeks old, but he's already howling like a pro!

Have you ever wondered why dogs howl? For ages, dogs, along with their close relatives wolves, have used these calls to communicate. Howling is the most practical way for dogs to communicate, because the sound can travel up to 6 miles!

In the wild, packs of dogs can howl to find each other if they get separated. They'll also use the unique cry to signal that they've found food. The cries can have a number of different sounds, which mean different things!

Domesticated dogs usually start howling to try to figure out if there are any other dogs living nearby. They'll also do it if they're anxious, and sometimes, they'll even cry out just because they're bored.

Have you ever heard a dog cry in response to a police siren or a fire truck? That happens because the dog thinks the sounds are howling dogs, and want to respond!