15 Bold and Beautiful Girl Power Accessories in Celebration of International Women's Day

Did you hear? Today is all about you, the fierce female.

It's International Women's Day, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate the occasion than by rounding up 15 of the coolest, boldest and most beautiful accessories that scream girl power.

Scroll below to see our top picks, and don't forget to share with your girl gang!

Girl Power Pin: $11.99

Pin this pretty pink enamel pin right over your heart, and remember that you are the babe. The babe with the power.

Pink girl power heart pin

(via Etsy)


Girl Gang Mug: $10.06

Grab your besties and brew up some coffee or hot cocoa and prepare to drink out of this beautiful little mug.

Girl gang mug

(via Etsy)


Girl Gang Dad Hat: $14.99

If you love dad hats, hide your wallet, 'cause this one is fierce and fabulous… and we know you want it.

Black hat with the words "Girl Gang" on it

(via Etsy)


Girl Squad Pin: $10

Call up your girls, grab a denim jacket and show your pride for your core friend group with this cute little pin.

Gril squad pin

(via Etsy)


You Can Sit With Us Iron-On: $15

International Women's Day is a reminder to be more inclusive. Show you embrace everyone with this Mean Girls-inspired iron-on.

You Can Sit With Us Iron On Patch

(via Etsy)


Hero Print: $8

If you are your own real hero, hang this print up in your room for inspiration and repeat to yourself, "You go, girl." ????

Girl power print from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Leopard Phone Case: $26.10

Showcase your powerful and fun personality with this vibrant leopard phone case. Prepare for compliments.

Girl Power leopard phone case (via Etsy)


Girl Boss Pencils: $1.51

For all you girl bosses out there, we found your new writing utensil.

Pink girl boss pencils

(via Etsy)


Grl Pwr Vinyl Sticker: $3.99

Get to work, but first, place this adorable vinyl sticker on your laptop to remind yourself that you can accomplish anything you desire.

Grl Power laptop sticker

(via Etsy)


Grl Pwr Rainbow Pillow: $20

Add a little girl power flair to your own bedroom with this rainbow-fied grl pwr pillow. How cute is this thing?!

Grl power rainbow pillow

(via Etsy)


Lightning Bolt Necklace: $68

Wear your girl power pride right around your neck with this beautiful gold lightning necklace. ⚡

Gold girl power necklace with a lightning bold on it

(via Etsy)


You Go Girl Cuff Bracelet: $15.99

Need a reminder that you can do anything? This delicate gold cuff should do the trick.

You Go Girl gold cuff bracelet
(via Etsy)


Inspirational Tote Bag: $24.95

Go grocery shopping in style and deliver a strong message? We need this.

Nevertheless she persisted tote bag

(via Etsy)


Boss Babe Shirt: $22

For all you girls who hope to be the CEO of your own company some day, this is the shirt for you.

Boss babe shirt

(via Etsy)


She Is Fierce Keychain: $20

Doesn't matter your age, size or circumstances, this keychain will be a simple reminder that you are unstoppable.

"She Is Fierce" copper keychain

(via Etsy)


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