Is Joe Jonas Working on a Single with Britney Spears?

Joe Jonas and Britney Spears are going to become bffs this fall when the middle JoBro opens up for the queen of pop during the European leg of her Femme Fatale tour.

Joe Jonas is hoping their friendship will lead towards an in-studio session with Ms. Spears.

When asked if he would want to record a song with the pop star, Joe answered with, "I would be honored. If the song was right, if the idea was right? Definitely!"

He continued by sharing that he's been contemplating the collaboration for a while. "It's been a thought before. It would be so cool. I think our music would work well together with what I've doing and what she's been doing for so long."

We are already thinking of cool pop titles for their single! Tell us what you think about a Joe and Britney collaboration!