Joe Jonas Wants Taylor Swift Back!

Joe Jonas has been flying solo and coming out with hot new singles, but he may be realizing he wants a partner in crime when it comes to love.

In late 2008, the middle JoBro broke up with Taylor Swift via cell phone. Well it looks like Joe Jonas has matured quite a but and is ready to rekindle his ex-flame.

"He wants her back. He wants to show her he's a changed man and would love to see what's possible between them," revealed a source to Us Weekly.

While the two are just friends for now, it seems like Joe really wants Taylor to know that he wants more. He even showed up to watch her concert at her sold out show Sept. 1 in San Jose, California.

Joe and Taylor definitely had a messy breakup and they both took to their music to rant about their feelings. Swift talked about the breakup in the song "Forever and Always" and "Better Than Revenge" while Jonas had the lyric "superstars and all the tears on her guitar" in his song "Much Better."

It looks like the hard feelings are gone and the two are in a good place now.

"They're putting their past behind them and maybe rekindling an old flame,"shared the secret source.

We think Joe might just be mature enough now to handle the country cutie! Do you think Taylor will take him back?