Learn to Dance Like Bella Thorne and IM5!

Bella Thorne and the boys of IM5 show off some incredible dance moves in their music video for "Can't Stay Away." Follow these steps to do the dance at home!

1. Start with your left hand on your raised right knee.  Stomp your right leg down and make a quarter turn to the left!

2. Hop up and raise your arms. As you turn left to your original position, raise your left arm higher!

3. Do a mini wave with your arms, starting from the left. When you get to the right arm, bend your elbow and bring it up in front of you!

4. Bend both elbows and bring your arms in front of you quickly before turning your hands downward and drawing a half circle around you!

5. Cross both hands together in front of you before bringing both arms up, pumping them down, and raising them again as you take a step to the right!

6. Bring your arms down one last time, palm up!

And that's it! Just keep practicing and you'll have it down before long! Let us know what you thought of the tutorial in the comments below!