Episode 4 of Lexi Noel TV is a Merry Christmas Eve episode all about the holidays, including handy instructions for making three adorable and totally edible holiday treats!

Lexi spends the majority of the episode in the kitchen with her mom to show us all how to make a scrumptious snowman pizza, delicious Rice Krispies Christmas trees and irresistible Santa strawberries!lexi noel snowman pizza

Follow along to learn how to make any of these amazing treats yourself just in time for Christmas! And of course, any time you use the oven, stove or knives, make sure to do so with parental supervision, just like Lexi does!lexi noel strawberry santa

We want to eat absolutely everything that Lexi makes in this episode, and of course, it’s packed with amazing holiday music!lexi noel rice krispies trees

Lexi Noel also celebrates her birthday on Christmas day!!! Make sure to leave your birthday and holiday wishes for Lexi in the comments below, tune in next week for a New Year’s episode, and join our community at Sweety High!lexi noel tv episode 4 christmas eve birthday