Long-Lost Twins Aim for Kickstarter Reunion!

Long-lost twins Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier meet via Skype

On February 21, French fashion student Anaïs Bordier sent an unusual Facebook message to American actress Samantha Futerman. She believed that the two were long-lost twins.

It started when friends of Anaïs noticed the resemblance between the two while watching a YouTube video featuring Samantha. Some research led Anaïs to the discovery that Samantha, like herself, was born in Busan, South Korea. They also happened to share a birthday.

Both were both adopted when they were three months old. Samantha was adopted by an American family in New Jersey, while Anaïs was adopted and brought to live in Paris.

Anaïs couldn't chalk any of it up to coincidence. They HAD to be long-lost twins. She found Samantha's Facebook page and sent her a fateful message.

Samantha explains her thought process in one of her YouTube videos.

"Three weeks ago, I received a message on Facebook," Samantha starts. "It was from a girl in London who had seen me in a YouTube video. She found out that we were born in the same city and have the same birthday. When I looked at her photos I was completely blown away. It was like looking at myself except it wasn't me."

After 25 years of separation, they finally met each other via a chat on Skype. They've now launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary about their reunion. They will also take tests to confirm that they are, indeed, long-lost identical twin sisters.

"This full-length documentary will follow Samantha & Anaïs as they prepare to meet in person for the very first time!" reads a description on their Kickstarter page, titled 'Twinsters.' "We will document their unique experiences through a series of video blogs, video diaries, & Skype conversations. In addition, we will capture the girls as they travel through Europe and the United States, exposing them to each other's vastly different countries & cherished relationships. "

Their reunion is a striking example of the power of the internet. They've already managed to exceed their $30,000 goal with the help of random strangers who want to see it happen.

"I have been given the change to start a new journey in life," Samantha says in her video. "One that includes my first living blood relative and my potential identical match. This is our story. How it unfolds, I have no idea. But I can't wait to find out."