Makamae Auwae's Fabulous Moana Disney Princess Audition!

The upcoming Disney princess film Moana tells the story of a teen princess from Hawaii who sets sail on the Pacific Ocean to go on an epic journey! Auditions are currently taking place via YouTube, and we are huge fans of Makamae Auwae for the role!makamae auwae moana audition

Makamae is a 19-year-old Hawaiian native from Maui who is a long-time fan of Disney and also fluent in the Hawaiian language. She recently uploaded her audition for the coveted role of Moana, and we think she's perfect!

Not only does she fit the part, but she's got a gorgeous singing voice befitting a Disney princess! In the video, she demonstrates her abilities by singing "Walk Through Paradise (Jesu Me Ke Kanaka Wai Wai)" by Melveen Leed.

In Moana, the title character goes on a seafaring quest to find a fabled island, teaming up with the demigod Maui along the way. Maui will be voiced by Dwayne Johnson, and the film is set to appear in theaters sometime in late 2016!

Check out Makamae Auwae's audition below and let us know what you think! You can also share in the excitement for Moana with us at Sweety High!