Miley Cyrus: A True Gypsy At Heart

Miley Cyrus was recently on Mattie & Maude, the Australian radio show, to talk about her upcoming "Gypsy Heart" Tour that's set to take place down under at the beginning of June. The Hannah Montana star gushed about how excited she was to finally be working in Australia and why she feels she's never been allowed to tour there.

"I haven't worked there at all…It's because they don't want me to have any fun, that's why! They know I'd never come into work- I'd be at the beach all the time."

Miley goes on to talk about what this tour means to her, and proves she has a little gypsy in her after all.

"It's [the tour] just about the music being able to be free not about how many screens you have and costume changes…it's kind of telling my story."

…Hmm we think that's an awesome concept! Listen to the full interview here, and see what she reveals about her supposed aussie-ex, Liam Hemsworth.