Peta2 Ad With Rachel Crow: Adopt Cats and Dogs!

In a new ad for the youth division of PETA, peta2, singer-actress Rachel Crow discusses just how important it is to adopt dogs and cats instead of buying them!

In the video, Rachel poses for some photos with an adorable adopted dog named Pixel, and chats about how animal adoption runs in the family!

Rachel's own grandmother worked as an animal control officer! She would always stress how important it was to always get pets spayed and neutered to prevent more puppies and kitties from entering the world without homes.

Rachel's grandma was also a big advocate for pet adoption!

Rachel thinks it's just as important to adopt dogs and cats rather than buying them. 6 to 8 million dogs and cats go into animal shelters every year in the United States alone! Those animals need a home, and you can help by adopting them!

Even though new puppies in stores and puppy mills are cute, there are older dogs in pounds everywhere that deserve a home. You can give a dog a second chance at a great life by adopting!

Rachel Crow isn't the only celebrity peta2 advocate. Celebs including Christina Grimmie, Madison Beer, China Anne McClain and Cody Simpson have also been involved in the past!

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