5 Fashion-Forward Ways to Style a Plain White Tee

"You can make jeans and a T-shirt super stylish. It's what you make of it." -Phillip Lim

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We're basically walking canvases, showcasing our own unique styles when we step out the door in an outfit. Whether it's super thought-out or it's thrown together last minute, you're showing the world an artistic side of you that's unique to you. You can take the simplest of clothing items, like jeans or a plain white tee, and make something special with it.

In need of some inspo? Continue below for five fashion-forward ways to style a plain white tee:

1. With High-Waisted Trousers and White Booties

High-waisted pants are good in basically any situation. When paired with fall's hottest trend, white boots, you've hit the style jackpot. Simply tuck your tee into a pair of high-waisted trousers (like THESE), throw on some arm candy and finish it off with white booties (like THESE). The color coordination will look crisp and super cute for all your IG pics.

trousers and white boots

(via Free People and Matisse)


2. With Flared Denim Jeans and a Structured Hat

We love a good pair of flared denim. They're breezy and even cuter when cropped. Tie your tee into a knot resting above the jeans (like THESE) for a casual look that says "I just rolled out of bed." Finish off your ensemble with a neutral-colored, structured hat (like THIS). The finished product is what we like to call Indiana Jones chic.

flare jeans and hat

(via Free People and Revolve)


3. With a Midi Skirt and Faux Leather Jacket

Midi skirts (like THIS) are a must-have for any girl's wardrobe. Why? Because they can be worn year 'round. During the colder months, wear a pair of knee-high boots or tights for that extra layer of warmth. Top it off with a cropped, faux leather jacket (like THIS). The peek-a-boo white tee underneath is the perfect, casual finishing touch.

midi skirt and leather jacket

(via Free People and Revolve)


4. Under a Slip Dress with Knee-High Boots

Slip dresses are so versatile. They can be dressy enough to wear to a wedding, but they can also be styled for a casual, trendy outfit. On days you want to sport a white tee, wear it under a slip dress (like THIS). It's an unexpected statement, but one that looks stunning. Throw on a pair of knee-highs (like THESE) to complete the outfit.

slip dress and snakeskin boots

(via Revolve and Steve Madden)


5. With Faux Leather Pants and a Trench Coat

We're all about faux leather. Throw on your fave pair of leather pants or leggings (like THESE) and style them with a simple white tee. To top it all off, channel your inner Matrix persona and pair it with a long trench coat (like THIS). It's a stylish look that's necessary for any fall or winter outing.

leather pants and trench coat

(via Lulus)


Now that you've got the look, it's time for a photoshoot. Use one of THESE Instagram captions for your pics wearing a plain white tee.