Ramp It Up: Stay Active And Win A Shaggo Board!

In Sweety High's latest contest, Ramp It Up, show us how you stay fit and active for a chance to win prizes including an amazing Shaggo skateboard!Ramp It Up Contest Sweety High

What are some of your favorite ways to be active? Do you play sports, jog, dance, bike, hike or participate in martial arts? Anything that gets you moving keeps you active and healthy!

Snap a photo of that documents you in your favorite physical activity for a chance to win an adorable Mia flower halo, plus a pink Shaggo skateboard!

Shaggo skateboards are awesome skateboards with shag carpet instead of grip tape, allowing you to skate with your shoes on or off! Learn more about Shaggo here!

To enter to win, just…

Log into your account at Sweety High. If you don't yet have an account, click here to create one!

Take a photo of how you stay active and share it to your computer.

Click the Contests tab at the top of the page and locate the Ramp It Up contest, or click here!

Click the pink upload button, find your image in your computer, and upload!

Push the big grey "Submit" button!

Also be sure to share the contest with your friends and get them to take part!

That's it, Sweetys! If you have any questions about the Ramp It Up contest, just leave it in the comments below and we'll answer ASAP. Good luck!