Replay By Zendaya Is Now Available!

Zendaya has just released her latest single, "Replay!" The song is the first single off of her upcoming debut album, which will release sometime this fall!

"Replay" is a huge departure from past Zendaya tracks, like "Swag It Out" and "Something To Dance For." The sound is much more mature, reminiscent of established artists like Beyoncé!Replay


The lyrics are ambiguous, seemingly referring to both a love interest and a song at the same time. She speaks to him as if he was a track she would want to put on replay and listen to over and over again.

Zendaya has also performed a number of songs with Shake It Up co-star Bella Thorne, including "Fashion Is My Kryptonite" and "TTYLXOX." We wonder if the two will continue to collaborate and develop upon Zendaya's new sound!

The music video for "Replay" filmed last month. We really can't wait to see it! Tell us what you think of the new track in the comments!