"Revenge" Star Josh Bowman says "Miley [Cyrus] would kill me!"

We have been pining over the cuteness of "Revenge" star Josh Bowman and our obsession is growing bigger by the second. He is going to be staring alongside Miley Cyrus in the flick "So Undercover," and we are so jealous that the pop singer got to hang out with our fave British cutie.

The movie is about a girl named Molly (played by Cyrus) who gets a job with the FBI and goes undercover in a sorority to protect a mobster's daughter. Besides staring Miley and Josh, you can expect to see Jeremy Piven, Mike O'Malley, and Kelly Osbourne in the upcoming flick.

"I play a guy called Nicholas. He meets Miley's character [at college]. We meet and we're in the same class, and we kind of strike up this interest for each other," the actor explained. "And then she's onto me cause she thinks I'm the bad guy, which I think I could be… but I don't think I am."

We can't wait to see the romance between Miley and Josh in the flick, but apparently, romance isn't the only thing we'll see. "It becomes a small love story. Well, it's not a love story cause it's action, but it's a comedy as well… There are twists and turns, and you'll see who the real bad guy is. It's poppy. It's fun," Josh revealed.

"I get beat up twice: once by her and once by Jeremy Piven's character," Josh shared. When asked how Miley fares when kicking butt, Josh explained how Miley knows what she's doing. "Miley would kill me. She knows kung fu."

Let's hope these two never get in a battle then! We don't know what we'd do if anything happened to this British cutie!