Selena Gomez hacked on Twitter and Facebook

Not even celebrities are safe from hackers, haters, and cyber bullies! We all know Selena Gomez has recently been taking some undeserved threats for her ties to Justin Bieber, but now someone has taken it to the next level of hacking her accounts.

Fans new something strange was up when a tweet was sent from @SelenaGomez saying "Oh yeh, JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!!!!"

It turns out a user calling themselves PkinJ0R hacked into Selena's Facebook, which automatically posts to her Twitter. PkinJ0R says he hacked the account just to show how easy Facebook's new security features are to break through.

Selena is working to get her account back to normal, but in the meantime she's sent an update to her fans saying:

"Obviously, my Facebook has been hacked. My twitter has been fixed and everyone is working on Facbook. Love you guys!!!!!"

This must be really hard on Selena, but remember, it could happen to anyone! Check out our Safety PSAs to find out how you can keep your accounts safe.