Selena Gomez Plays Games With Zach Sang

Selena Gomez visited GOOM Radio in NYC this past week and interviewed with Zach Sang. When Sang asked Gomez how to handle a girl who doesn't text back she gives him the sage advice that the girl is "probably playing games".

"All of her friends are probably saying don't text back to him all the time because you'll seem desperate. Every girl wants the guy to work for her a little bit. Of course I have [played the same games], but I've finally met someone who makes me not play games."

Zach also asked Sel how she manages to juggle to her busy schedule apart from her family and bf.

"It gets overwhelming of course obviously, but its a lot of fun. Im doing different things so it's not like I'm constantly doing one thing where I'm getting sick of it. I get to change it up with my music and everything else."

Watch the full interview here: