Shake Zumba Video- Victoria Justice Zumba Tutorial!

Victoria Justice's latest music is also a Zumba Fitness workout! Get ready for a Shake Zumba video!Shake Zumba Video

Victoria's latest single "Shake" is all about moving your body to the music, and we think the video perfectly fits that theme. Dance and shake your way to health to the beat of this new video!

"We're about to break down the dance moves for my new song, 'Shake!'" Victoria Justice says in the video.

The video features Zumba Fitness creator, dancer and choreographer Beto Perez, as he teaches you all of the moves to the song "Shake" in a way that's also a great exercise demonstration!

The song asks you to shake what your momma gave you, and show off your best Michael Jackson moves!

Watch the video below and tell us what your favorite steps were!