13 Stars Rocking Patriotic Stars & Stripes

If you live in the U.S., you probably got the day off of school because it's President's Day. Join us in honoring the presidents today by checking out this list of our favorite stars' presidentially patriotic outfits.

13 Stars In Patriotic stars and stripes for President's Day: Demi Lovato, Becky G, Bethany Mota, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Olivia Holt, Katy Perry, Ross Lynch, Victoria Justice, Austin Mahone, Harry Styles, Carrie Underwood

1. Katy Perry's bold flag dress

Katy Perry in a bold American flag dress

(via Movie Pilot)

2. Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota in an American flag graphic tank with sparklers

(via Where To Get It)

3. Carrie Underwood is a patriotic tank 

Carrie Underwood's denim jean shorts and a cute American flag tank

(via Pop Sugar)

4. Beyoncé's perfect Old Glory nails

Beyoncé's American flag nails

(via Likes)

5. Demi Lovato in a denim American flag jacket

Demi Lovato jean jacket with an American flag

(via Tumblr

6. Victoria Justice's flag glasses

Victoria Justice in wacky American flag glasses

(via Miley Cyrus Network)

7. Ariana Grande''s red, white and blue skirt

Ariana Grande's festive red white and blue skirt

(via Ariana-Grande.com)

8. Ross Lynch's all-blue flag tee

Ross Lynch's blue American flag tee

 (via  R5 Rocks)

9. Austin Mahone draped in an American flag

Austin Mahone draped in American flag

(via The Daily Mail)

10. Harry Styles' American flag headband

Harry Styles in an American flag headband

(via One Direction BIH)

11. Taylor Swift in this uniquely off-color flag-inspired sweater

Taylor Swift's off-colored American flag sweater

(via Socialite Life)

12. Becky G's adorable split stars and stripes top 

Becky G's cute split top of stars and stripes

(via Pinterest)
13. Olivia Holt in a Strokes t-shirt with an American flag theme

Olivia Holt goes with an American flag theme for her tee

(via Tumblr)

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