It seems like almost everyone has an iPhone these days, so if you’re the one person in your friend group who’s loyal to Samsung or Google, it can leave you feeling like a bit of an outcast.

We understand your pain completely. Here are 15 struggles you’ll relate to if you’re the only one in your friend group without an iPhone.

1. There are actually people who refuse to text you because they don’t take your green message bubble texts seriously.

2. No one wants to add you to the group chat because it’ll turn the entire conversation green, so you get left out of planning and meme-making.


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3. You also can’t FaceTime your friends, and none of them can be bothered to download an app to see you when you talk.

4. You can’t take any emojis you see at face value because they show up differently on your phone than anyone else’s. Or worse yet, you can’t see them at all.

5. You also have to be really aware of what your emojis will look like when you send them out to other people in case you wind up implying something really inappropriate or hurtful. And did you know that the saltine cracker emoji on a Samsung phone translates to chocolate chip cookies on iPhone?

6. Images you try to share with your friends with iPhones don’t send half the time.

7. When all of your friends get obsessed with an amazing new app, you have to wait months for it to be available on your phone, and by then the hype has died down and the trend is over.

8. When someone hands you their iPhone, you have no idea how to work any of it. It might as well be alien technology, so that pic they want you to take for them is going to require a little time and a lot of coaching.

9. At the same time, no one wants anything to do with your phone. Your phone might even have a more up-to-date camera than their outmoded iPhone’s but there’s no way they’re going to let you do the picture-taking.


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10. Your phone case is ugly because no one makes cute ones for anything but iPhone.

11. When your phone starts dying, no one has a charger for you, so you have to be independent and always make sure to bring your own along.

12. Your friends don’t understand why you aren’t constantly upgrading your phone for the newest model. Maybe it’s because you are upgrading your phone with new batteries, memory cards and software all the time without replacing your whole phone.

13. People are constantly ridiculing your phone, but when you poke fun at them for not having a headphone jack, no one is laughing.

14. The fact that your phone cost half the price of your friends’ phones does nothing to convince them that your phone is the right one for you.

15. Everyone’s always trying to convince you to ditch your phone and “upgrade” to an iPhone, even though you believe your phone’s customization options make it superior in pretty much every way.


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