Taylor Swift Says Emma Stone and Selena Gomez Are Like Sisters

Taylor Swift, who's currently on her Speak Now Tour and was just awarded six surfboard trophies at the Teen Choice awards, is thankful to have such amazing friends.

She says that Emma Stone and Selena Gomez are like sisters to her. To clarify how they are like sisters to her, Taylor said: "They can predict my thoughts; I've known them for so long it's really cool to have friends that are that close." We're glad Taylor Swift has such close friends!

Taylor's Speak Now tour is also going well and she has released her new song and music video "Sparks Fly", which shows footage from her tour.

She also opened up about why she writes lyrics on her arm during her shows, saying: "It's kind of like a mood ring: it's what I'm listening to at the moment, or what I'm feeling at the moment, or whatever lyric I'm relating to at the moment."

Maybe we should start writing lyrics on our arms too!