Demi Lovato Showcases Fans Who Reveal "The Real Me"!

Who is the real you? Demi Lovato asked her fans that question last month and shared some of their powerful responses earlier this week!demi lovato the real me is fierce

In March of last year, Demi starred in a video that explains that, even though she's a star, she's also a normal person who deals with the same worries, insecurities and fears that everyone else does. Even still, the real Demi is strong, passionate and always striving to be better.

On December 10, she shared a photo holding up a sign reading "The Real Me Is FIERCE"and asked fans to share their own photos.

Below are some of the fan photos she RTed!

@Kiera_Newmanthe real me is powerful kiera newman

"The Real Me Is…POWERFUL"

@AzuriteSongthe real me is a survivor azuritesong

"The Real Me Is A Survivor, Never Letting The World Change Who I Am"

@paulina_mbretonthe real me is brave paulina mbreton

"The Real Me Is Brave"

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