The Truth About the Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber Rivalry

Joe Jonas has finally decided to put the rumors to rest by telling the public that there never was a rivalry with Justin Bieber to begin with!

Joe had the following to say when asked about the beef between J-biebz and himself:

"That's funny, I've been through it a couple of times; the same thing happened to us with Hanson. We had a conversation with Hanson and said we had nothing against them, and the same thing happened with them and NSYNC."

In fact he had some nice things to say about our favorite pop prince. "He's doing him, and that's all that really matters. As long as you're independent artists, then you're fine."

He also claimed that there isn't much of a comparison between the two of them because he is older and his music is for a more mature audience.

"There's a similar fanbase, but a lot of his fans are a little bit younger. [My] songs are a bit more mature. The things that I speak about … I really hope 11-year-olds aren't relating to them, or their parents are going to have to talk. I'm 21, so [I sing about] things a 21-year-old would deal with. And if an 11-year-old or whatever wants to listen to my music, that's great, I'm more than happy. I just feel the core audience is going to be a little older."

Joe likes growing older with his fans, saying, "It's kind of cool to see that I'm in a more mature area of my life. It feels like as I grow up so does my music and so do my fans, and it's a good feeling."