Tiny Turtle Causes Inflight Chaos

Carley Helm and her two sisters were on a plane leaving the airport in Atlanta, GA, when she was asked to throw away her new pet- Neytiri, the two-inch turtle.

"I asked, 'What do you mean get rid of it?' and they said throw it away," Rebecca Helm, Carley's older sister told the press. "I was very sad, and I felt bad for my littlest sister because it was her first pet and she was planning to take care of it herself."

After making the quick decision to hide the turtle in a trash bin, Rebecca re-boarded the plane in tears. Luckily, a ramp supervisor rescued the turtle from the garbage, and just a few days later the girls were reunited with their turtle friend.

The girls' mother reported what happened to PETA, the animal rights group, which sent a letter to AirTran demanding an investigation and disciplinary action to be taken against them.