Tomorrowland Trailer Teases Epic Disney Film!

The first teaser trailer is finally out for Disney's upcoming science fiction fantasy film Tomorrowland!tomorrowland trailer

Britt Robertson stars as Casey Newton, a teenager from Florida who can only watch on as scientific projects are defunded and NASA shuts down. When Casey's curiosity gets her in trouble, she finds herself the owner of a mysterious lapel pin that holds a wonderful technology within.

When she touches it, she seems to be transported to a futuristic time and place.

To learn more about the pin, and her visions of "Tomorrowland," she befriends a former inventor named Frank Walker, played by George Clooney, who became a recluse after years of failure.

Frank tells Casey all about this strange world, a secret place with absolutely unlimited potential for invention and change, where there's always hope for the future.

The film is based on the themed areas of the same name at Disneyland parks throughout the world, and co-written and directed by The Iron Giant and The Incredibles creator Brad Bird.

The film releases on May 22, 2015. We absolutely cannot wait to learn more! Join us at Sweety High to share in the excitement!

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