Valentina Shoes Inspires Girls' Creativity!

Valentina Shoes is bringing customization to girls' shoes with their "Design Your Own (DYO) Collection"!'Valentina Shoes

Valentina Shoes was created by Tina Hambly, who was inspired by her daughter's artistic abilities and creative freedom. She thought that all girls should be able to wear their own designs and let their creativity show on their shoes.

Currently, Valentina Shoes is in holding a crowd funding campaign to launch the company. Their goal is to reach $10,000 by November 23. After just a few days, they were already at 30% of their goal!

Donations will not just aid in launching Valentina. For every pledge received, Valentina will also donate a pair of shoes to the Austin Children's Shelter!

"Using a rainbow of espadrilles as their 'canvas' girls can design their own signature styles using markers, colorful imprint able motifs or monograms," reads the Valentina Shoes website. "Our goal is to foster their individuality and empower their creative expression with this new one-of-a-kind collection."

The customization element doesn't end with drawing on white canvas shoes. They also have espadrilles in all colors, and girls can pick from a variety of pre-designed motifs and fonts that can be printed on the shows.

The program aims to foster individual expression and creativity, in turn building girls' self confidence.

"We are super excited about this new creative outlet for young girls," says creator Tina Hambly in a video for Valentina Shoes. "It's great that they can be their own designers, their own artists. Every pair is unique, they're all one-of-a-kind. They are their signature styles. We like to call it one giant leap for girl kind."

Check out their Moola-Hoop campaign here!

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