What the Appetizer He Orders on a First Date Says About Him

Dating is supposed to be fun—after all, it's all about hanging out and getting to know someone better.

However, first dates can feel more like high-pressure events, involving two people that feel more like they're interviewing for a job rather than trying to relax and enjoy their time with each other. To keep things more chill, first dates that look a little more like sharing some appetizers at a cool restaurant are always a good idea. But if you're someone who dates guys, you might not realize that the app he orders can potentially say a lot about who he is as a person (or as a partner). Want a little more insight without having to play 20 questions? Here's what the appetizer he orders on a first date says about him.

1. Fries: He's Traditional/Wants to Make Everyone Happy

It's kind of hard to go wrong with ordering fries as an appetizer, which is why the guy that picks them for a first date is always a safe bet. It's a classic shareable that most people won't turn down, so this guy probably just wants to make sure you're having a good time and might be a little afraid of taking risks (at least early on).

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2. Wings: He's Not Afraid to Get Messy

The guy who orders wings on a first date—especially if they're particularly saucey—might not care too much about making a good first impression. On the other hand, he might just be someone who's confident and who owns what they like, but something as messy as wings for a first date doesn't exactly give off the most "put-together" appearance.


3. Buffalo Cauliflower: He's Adventurous

Not only does picking a vegetarian app like cauliflower show that he's down to earth and open-minded, but the addition of a spicier ingredient like buffalo shows that he's down to try new things and be a little more adventurous. If he asks if you're down to share buffalo cauliflower on a first date, he's definitely won some brownie points in our book.

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4. Anything Sweet: He's a Total Romantic

Speaking of brownies…the guy who wants to order any kind of dessert instead of an app on a first date to share is almost as sweet as the dish itself. Whether it's a skillet cookie or a scoop of ice cream, this guy is a total romantic at heart who wants to share a sweet moment with you. We just hope you weren't in the mood for anything too salty when he orders.


5. Chips & Dip/Nachos: He's Fun

Another app that's hard to go wrong with is any kind of chips and dip, as it allows each person to pick at them throughout the conversation and pick a dip of their choice. Nachos are similar, although the slightly messier and more flavorful nature shows that he's got a taste for keeping things fun and interesting (we just hope your conversation will be, too).

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6. Calamari/Anything "Fancy": He's Trying to Impress You

If he takes you to a place that serves options like calamari, baked goat cheese or any other "fancier" apps, he really wants to make a good impression on you. He probably wants to seem mature or show that he has good taste, which could either mean that he cares a little too much about appearances or that he just really likes you and wants you to think highly of him.


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