5 Reasons Why It Feels Impossible to Get Over Someone

Romantic feelings have the ability to come and go, but, every now and then, there's someone who has (what feels like) a permanent hold on our emotions.

Whether it's a crush on a close friend who doesn't reciprocate your feelings, or it's the aftermath of a meaningful long-term relationship, sometimes time does not heal all wounds.

But there are several reasons for that—so if you're hitting your head against a wall, trying to figure out why it's been seemingly impossible for you to get over a certain someone, keep reading for some reasons why this is the case (and, ugh, just know you'll eventually get over this person—as we, ourselves, can tell you firsthand):

1. They're Always in Close Proximity

Whether by choice or otherwise, unless you move, chances are this person has a significant presence in your life. You may share a class together, see them all over campus or have a similar friend group. You can't necessarily blame yourself for this one, because when they're always around, how are your thoughts expected to divert elsewhere?


2. You Are Still in Communication

Even if things are totally over and/or you're ready to move on, just mild communication with this person can either raise your hopes of being with them, or reignite whatever feelings were beginning to simmer. We're not saying you need to block their number, but unless there's an obligatory run-in or a reason you absolutely need to communicate, do your best not to engage, or at least take a temporary break from speaking so you can regain your sense of self and your feelings can fully subside.


3. You Still Bring Them Up Regularly in Conversation

Continuously talking about someone is your subtle way of telling the universe you still want them in the picture. The more you discuss them, the more others will, too—but if you act like they don't exist (at least in conversations with others), they'll slowly drift from your mind. Even if you so eagerly want to bring them up, refrain from doing so, and begin to feel the magic happen.


4. You're Not Focusing on Yourself Enough

If you're living out the same patterns and not doing anything to better yourself, of course all you'll be left with are the same thoughts about the same person. But if you change things up and focus on improving your life, not only will you stay busy and motivated, but as you continue to evolve, you'll likely find yourself outgrowing your emotional attachment to this person.

Starting up a new routine is timely and tough, but once you get into whatever it is and you start feeling different, you'll only want to keep going. Whether it's taking on a new hobby, meditating, working on your fitness or simply just spending time alone to work through your issues, you doing you can only help your situation.


5. There's a Part of You That Doesn't Want to Get Over Them

Whether you end up with this person or not, there's something comforting about keeping them in your thoughts or life— it's always more fun to have someone to think about, even if that person is way out of reach. So, while yes, a big part of you really does want to get over them, there's that stubborn side of you that, deep down, still wants to hold on for whatever reason. And until you're fully, truly ready to let go, that stubborn side will continue to get the best of you.


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