The Best (And Most Hilarious) Disney Face Swaps Ranked

If you’re a Snapchat fanatic then you’re probably seriously addicted to the new Face Swap feature. It’s totally hilarious and on the verge of creepy, but we LOVE it. When we found this Tumblr, Disney Face Swap, which is completely dedicated to sharing some of the weirdest and most epic Disney character face swaps, we completely freaked out. We’ve ranked them from scary to scariest. We hope you don’t have nightmares tonight?.


13. This Ariel and Prince Eric face swap is scary. But scary GENIUS. Eric’s lashes are on point.

Ariel Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


12. This one of Pocahontas and Meeko we can handle. Meeko is actually still on the verge of looking cute.

Pocahontas and Meeko Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


11. Mulan and Shang surprisingly look almost normal. Is it weird we think Shang looks good?!

Mulan Face Swap And Matching Necklaces

(via Disney Face Swap)


10. The Mad Hatter and Alice have never looked better, tbh.

Alice In Wonderland Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


9. If we’re being real here, we never never want Peter Pan and Wendy to swap faces ever again. Terrifying, yet we can’t look away ??

Peter Pan Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


8. This face swap of Jasmine and Aladdin will most definitely haunt us in our dreams tonight. Just, why??

Aladin and Jasmine Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


7. Maurice and Belle. A BEAUTIFUL disaster. Lolololol.

Belle Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


6. But then we have Belle and The Beast switching faces on us and it’s, uh…a masterpiece.

Belle and Beast Face Swaped

(via Disney Face Swap)


5. Are you half laughing half crying yet? Well, here’s Tarzan and Jane to get you going.

Tarzan and Jane Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


4. Pocahontas and John Smith are l’itrally so disturbing, RN. But, digging John’s subtle pink lip.

Pocahontas And John Smith Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


3. And this face swap of Flynn and Rapunzel? OMG. Just no. Make it stop.

Rapunzel and Prince Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


2. BUT, this face swap of Ariel and Flounder? Um, priceless?.

Ariel and Flounder Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


1. And for the finale, there’s this slightly magical swap with Sebastian’s face that takes the prize. So much EW, but also so much YASSS.

Littler Mermaid Sebastian Face Swap

(via Disney Face Swap)


Can you even handle how oddly wonderful and hilar those Disney face swaps were? Literally in tears. Keep laughing with these hilarious Snapchats Disney Princesses would totally send if they could.

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