10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 29, 2022

As we finish up April and inch closer to summer, the music is just getting better and better.

Whether you're looking for sunny anthems, messages of self-love or classic romantic tracks, this week had it all from our favorite artists across all genres. From up-and-comers like Freddy Madson and Jamie Hannah to all-time greats such as Sam Smith and Khalid, it truly was a magical week for music lovers. Keep scrolling to discover 10 big things that happened in music the week of April 29, 2022.

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1. Freddy Madson and Lleoh Celebrate The Outsider in All of Us With 'Feels Right'

Freddy Madson and Lleoh are two Copenhagen-based singer-songwriters we didn't know until this week—but with their new collab, "Feels Right," we've discovered a couple of our favorite new artists. It's gentle and vibey, building into something bigger and more profound, and both artists bring the story to life through their emotive vocals. "Imagine a club with an irresistible dance floor full of seemingly amazing people you wish you were partying amongst," explained Freddy Madson in a press release. "But you don't dance like them or fit their dress code and the music is anything but your taste. Anyway, here you are, considering to compromise with oneself to be part of the crowd. 'Feels Right' is about being true to who you are. It celebrates the outsider in every single one of us—all the flaws and peculiarities that make you and me unique and beautiful in our very own way."


2. Country Heartthrob David J Drops His Debut EP, Lost My Heartbreak

We've loved watching country artist David J's career bloom as he's absolutely blown up on TikTok, and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate the release of his debut EP, Lost My Heartbreak"I've been waiting for a long time for people to hear these songs," David told Sweety High. "The past year of working so hard and these new milestones have come together to create this project." If you can't get enough of country, these six tracks are a must-listen—and we think "Because of You" is a great place to get started.


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3. Jamie Hannah Finds the Vulnerability in Falling in Love With 'Flowers'

Have you ever felt so low that you didn't believe you'd ever love again? Jamie Hannah's new single, "Flowers," starts in just that place, before he opens himself up to the possibility of love, he reveals his most vulnerable self and it all begins to bloom. "It is primarily a song about the universal quest to find love; it tries to evoke the joyous yet volatile beauty of love," Jamie said in a press release. "Allowing yourself to fall in love is a huge jump into the unknown and takes bravery and strength." Jamie's voice is truly something else, and he really makes us believe that anything is possible when it comes to love.


4. Madeline the Person Addresses Social Anxiety With 'Mean'

We've always loved Madeline the Person's vulnerability in her music, brought to life through her clean and melodic vocals. Her latest single, "Mean," tells a story many of us have been through before—but she gracefully takes a public humiliation and turns it into a lesson about the type of person she refuses to be. "I wrote the song 'Mean' to help deal with my absolute shock when I was pulled aside at a party and insulted," Madeline explained in a press release."I have social anxiety, so parties are hard and I often feel like I'm not welcome." In the music video, she appears at a party dressed as a literal clown, ridiculed by the partygoers before she finally finds her place with those who recognize and accept her.


5. Alex Porat Waves Goodbye to Toxic Relationships in 'Pity Party'

Alex Porat's new track "Pity Party" is the anthem to ending toxic relationships that we never knew we needed. We love the way Alex's dreamy vocals pair with the upbeat instrumentation to build up into a soaring, triumphant chorus—perfectly inspiring us all to cut off the negativity in our own lives. "I'm really bad at cutting people out of my life, so whenever I have a toxic relationship, I end up holding on to it way longer than I should," Alex said in a press release. "'Pity Party' is about trying to stay friends with someone who knows how to emotionally take advantage of you and how you feel. At some point, enough is enough, and you're over their toxic drama."


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6. Benson Boone Makes a Touching Tribute With 'In the Stars'

Break out the tissues, because Benson Boone's latest track might just evoke a tear or two. The American Idol alum dropped the new track this week, starting off as a whimsical piano ballad before it grows into something that feels like it should be belted out in a stadium. It's a tribute to those we lose, and how their love stays with us long after they're gone. "I wrote this song about losing someone that I loved very much," Benson revealed in a press release. "My great-grandma was 97 years old and I was very close with her when she passed. This song is about all the beautiful memories that we hope to keep from our passed loved ones."


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7. INIKO Challenges the Status Quo and Expresses Their Own Truth in 'The King's Affirmation'

INIKO has been making quite the name for themself on TikTok lately, and for good reason. The genderless artist's new single, "The King's Affirmation," is a powerful declaration of self that can't be denied.  There's a bold spirituality to the track, as if INIKO is manifesting every word of their truth into reality, and we can't stop listening—as if we want some of that magic to rub off onto us. "This song is a sonic embodiment of true access to the magic that I possess," INIKO shared in an interview with Sweety High. "This song came to be because I was experiencing a lot of ignorance from people who chose not to see me for all that I am and all that I am capable of. This song channeled that. This song is me talking to every single person who has ever told me that who I am is not who I should be. Being someone whose very existence is a contradiction to many societal norms, it can become easy to feel like an outsider."


8. Tom Walker Finds Peace Through Love With New Song 'Serotonin'

BRIT Award winner Tom Walker deserves every bit of his reputation as an incredibly talented singer-songwriter, and his latest single, "Serotonin," showcases both his cleverness and his distinctive voice. It's a stunningly romantic track about finding that person who'll be with you through the good and the bad, and all of your ups and downs, and who makes you realize you don't have to constantly chase highs to be happy. "Before the pandemic, I spent four years chasing a serotonin hit, and that last gig that made me feel on top of the world. The last epic night out," Tom explained in a press release. "It's not sustainable though—you can't wake up happy every day and you can't have the sun without the rain. You have to find joy in the little things and learn to appreciate them day to day." "Serotonin" will also be the title track of his upcoming sophomore album, and we cannot wait to hear it all.


9. Sam Smith Shares the Ultimate Self-Love Single, 'Love Me More'

When you're struggling with self-doubt and insecurity, it can be weirdly comforting to know that others are going through the same thing, and Sam Smith's new single "Love Me More" is a perfect example of not just addressing those feelings, but rising above them. If they're dealing with it, too, you're definitely not alone! It's a catchy, soulful and upbeat approach to getting better every day and learning to truly love yourself, and its lyrics just might become some of our new daily mantras. "I wrote this song for anyone who feels different, anyone who has to stop themselves every day from saying unkind things to themselves, in their head, all the time," Sam explained in a press release. "I felt like that for the longest time and slowly I'm learning how to just be nice to myself. I wanted to share that because I captured it in this song. Over the last two years, music has been my therapy more than ever. So I hope this song can be your friend."


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10. Khalid Gets the Party Started With 'Skyline'

It feels like these days, Khalid never misses, and his newest, nostalgia-tinged single "Skyline" is a danceable hit full of summery warmth and vibrance to keep you going all season long. We love his infectious positivity on the track, and can't wait to hear this one everywhere"'Skyline' to me is a recharge and full of summer vibes," Khalid said in a press release. "I hope it brings my fans joy and gets them through any dark times they may be going through."


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