10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 8, 2022

If you still don't have plans lined up for the weekend, you can at least rest assured that there's a ton of phenomenal new music out this week to get you inspired.

Whether you love discovering hidden gems by rising artists like Denitia and Brenzy, or can't get enough of dancing your heart out to the tracks by David Guetta and The Weekend that the entire world will be listening to, we've got you covered.  Keep scrolling to discover 10 big things that happened in music the week of April 8, 2022.

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1. Denitia Taps Into Her Southern Roots in 'Highways'

Looking for a warm, road-trip-worthy track to kick off your weekend? Look no further than Denitia's new single, "Highways." It's a bit of a departure from her typical pop-R&B sound, drawing inspiration from her Southern roots, and her voice and the lush imagery in the song will have you utterly captivated. It definitely makes us want to hop in the car and head somewhere beautiful.


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2. Brenzy Dreams About Her Ideal Weekend in 'Brunch'

There really aren't enough songs about lazy, chill days spent with your best friends, and that's what makes Brenzy's breezy new track "Brunch" so special. It's an ode to quiet, relaxing days brunching with your girlfriends, and its soulful sound perfectly captures the mood and atmosphere and puts it into music.


3. Awgust Hides His Hurt in 'Boys Don't Cry'

We've been big fans of Awgust since his Midnight Red days, and he's completely wowed us as a solo artist, especially with his latest single "Boys Don't Cry." We love his honesty and openness in the track, sharing all of the emotions and pain he typically feels he has to hide away because that's what's expected of him as a man. We personally think it's healthy to cry and to ask for help, no matter who you are, and we hope this gorgeous song is a step toward normalizing that.


4. Fousheé Breaks All the Relationship Rules in 'double standard'

If you're a girl who's ever been in a relationship, chances are that you put in a lot more than half of what it took to make it work. That's just the way things have been for a long time—but singer-songwriter Fousheé is sick and tired of that asymmetry in relationships, and that's what her beautiful new song "double standard" is all about. "'double standard' is addressing outdated gender roles that I have experienced in past relationships and rebelling against them," Fousheé explained in a press release. "The imbalance frustrates me. Don't expect anything from me that you wouldn't give me, including respect and loyalty. I match energy."


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5. chloe moriondo Drops 5 Dog-Themed Tracks on New puppy luv EP

chloe moriondo definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, and her new puppy luv EP, featuring five different pup-inspired tracks, proves it. It all begins with "sammy," a love song written for her adorable canine companion of the same name—and that perfectly sets the tone for the whole EP. And, if you can't get enough of chloe, you have to watch the new music video for "nice pup," which features more than 50 viewer-submitted puppy clips.


6. eaJ Makes His Solo Debut With 'Car Crash'

Fans of former K-pop idol eaJ have been eagerly anticipating his first solo release for a while now, and it's everything they've been waiting for. The English-language track is anthemic and romantic, with a sound that'll get you singing along in an instant, and even though eaJ is already a huge star, we think he's about to blow up even bigger. "'Car Crash' wasn't written with the purpose of breaking off solo," eaJ explained in a press release. "It was because I needed a festival song for Head In The Clouds. It went from being just a song to jump and have fun with the crowd on stage, to becoming my first ever real release." The music video also stars streaming stars Valkyrae and Kyedae from 100 Thieves, and we love the collab.


7. Jubël Covers Ne-Yo's Classic, 'So Sick'

Ne-Yo's "So Sick" became an instant classic when it was released back in 2006, and it's about time the track got the epic cover it deserves. Swedish producer duo Jubël have done just that with their new version, putting a modern twist on the song with vibrant guitars and an upbeat, summery dance sound. "We're like a live band with electronic elements and influences," producer Sebastian Atas explained in a press release. "We have songs with pop-structures, but it's all very danceable, four-on-the-floor music."


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8. David Guetta, Becky Hill and Ella Anderson Join Forces for 'Crazy What Love Can Do'

Just because it's April doesn't mean it's too early to easy to declare "Crazy What Love Can Do" one of the biggest anthems of the summer. With soaring vocals by Becky Hill and Ella Anderson and out-of-this-world beats by David Guetta, it seems tailor-made for the dance floor, and once you hear it, you won't be able to get it out of your head. "This to me is a summer dance record, and I think it spreads an important message of love and just how powerful it is," David explained in a press release. "I really enjoyed working once again with Becky, since our first successful single 'Remember,' and working with Ella for the first time was also very exciting. It was a pleasure to work with both these incredible artists."


9. Noah Cyrus Teases Her Next Album With 'I Burned LA Down'

We couldn't be more excited that Noah Cyrus is releasing her next album, The Hardest Part, on July 15, and if the rest of it is as stunning as her new single, "I Burned LA Down," it might be our fave album of the year. The new country-tinged track is painful and heartfelt, comparing the pain of heartbreak to arson, and it really gets its point across. "Living in California, you're constantly living with this dread of wildfire season," Noah explained in a press release. "At the time, I was reeling from my breakup, and Caldor was dominating the news. All this internal, emotional pain I was feeling was intertwined with the anxiety around this out-of-control fire and climate change in general. The song took shape around the idea that the only way my ex could comprehend the scale of my emotions was if I became this agent of chaos and set the entire city on fire. That idea of your internal struggle manifesting itself in the real world and affecting your surroundings is a big theme of the record, and that song feels so much bigger than anything I've written before. It's the perfect introduction to the album."


10. The Weeknd Recruits Jim Carrey and HoYeon Jung for His 'Out of Time' Music Video

Any time we hear that The Weeknd has just dropped a new music video, we don't even have to push play to know it's going to be good. And "Out of Time" is no exception, with its smooth, sultry sound. It's completely irresistible—and it's made even better with its creative, karaoke-themed music video, bringing in Squid Game's HoYeon Jung and comedy legend Jim Carrey, who appears at the end in a bizarre twist.


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