10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of March 25, 2022

Now that spring has officially sprung, the weather is getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and all of our favorite artists are out and dropping hit after fiery hit.

And this week, the music world really turned up the heat with new releases, including some powerful collabs, heartfelt ballads and bold new bangers that are sure to still be stuck in your head months from now—and you're going to love the latest music from Red Velvet, James Bay and beabadoobee. Want to find out what new music we're loving? Keep scrolling to discover 10 big things that happened in music the week of March 25, 2022.

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1. KTJ & Carly Call Out Entitled Men in 'Daddy's Little Lawyer'

Identical twins and singer-songwriter duo KTJ & Carly had a new pop-punk-infused single called "Daddy's Little Lawyer" out this week, and we can't get enough of the band's sound or the song's calling out of toxic entitlement. It's an empowering anthem to breaking things off with someone you definitely don't need in your life, with a ton of blasting-in-the-car potential.


2. Viral Stars Nicky Youre and david hugo Join Forces for 'Never Go Wrong'

What happens when you combine the musical forces of Spotify sensation Nicky Youre and TikTok's david hugo? You get an irresistible bop like "Never Go Wrong." These two have worked together in perfect harmony to create a bouncy and upbeat track about love, and we're pretty sure it's about to become a huge sound on TikTok. "We wanted to make a song about meeting someone who seems like they came straight out of a movie and into your life—a song about falling in love with someone who would get songs written about them," Nicky and David explained in an interview with Sweety High. "Kinda the picture-perfect partner. Then we imagined how after meeting someone like this, it would feel like nothing could ever go wrong, and that's where the name came from."


3. Sebastian Javier Gets Brutally Honest in New Song 'Pretend'

Argentinean-born singer-songwriter Sebastian Javier is a spellbinding artist we've been watching very closely over the last year, and his latest single, "Pretend," will have you just as enchanted as we are. With its funky, driving bassline and pounding drum beat, plus Sebastian's silky-smooth voice, the song tackles the idea of denying the pain you're in after a breakup, and how that only ever holds you back. "'Pretend' captures the feeling between denial and acceptance," Sebastian explained in a press release. "A relationship is over, but the feelings remain. I went through a tough breakup and this song helped me open my eyes to the importance of being honest with myself about how I was feeling. There is a certain point where we need to meet our emotions and say, 'Hey, it's okay to feel this way.' As I've grown I've gotten better at being more emotionally open with myself, and it's incredible how much it can help."


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4. Sam Fischer Adds a New Perspective to Cat Burns' 'Go' in New Duet

Cat Burns' "Go" is one of the smoothest and most heartbreaking breakup ballads of the year, and with an entirely new perspective added to the song, courtesy of a duet by Sam Fischer, it just got twice as juicy. The stripped-back R&B track is about ending a relationship over a night of infidelity, and this version includes the other side of the breakup. Sam and Cat's melodies add a whole new depth to the song that we simply can't stop listening to.


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5. Lauren Spencer-Smith Releases Full Version of TikTok Hit 'Fingers Crossed'

We love the way that TikTok has enabled artists to share their music with the world, and Lauren Spencer-Smith has been one of our favorite TikTok success stories. Yesterday, she released the full version of her song "Fingers Crossed," which has already gone mega-viral as a TikTok sound, and it's even more gorgeous than its teases led on. Led by Lauren's soaring vocals, the track is an introspective look at all of the moments that led to the end of a relationship, and how she should have seen the warning signs all along.


6. Tai Verdes Expresses His Love in '3 outfits'

Singer-songwriter Tai Verdes's "3 outfits" is yet another song that has seemed to develop a life of its own thanks to going totally viral on TikTok, and it only takes a couple of lines to hear why. His unique blend of hip-hop-infused pop is so catchy and fun, and we love the way this song's romantic lyrics dote on his lady love. "My next album is about analyzing my own experience with love in a vulnerable way," Tai explained in a press release. "The song '3 outfits' was really the most transparent way to express how I was feeling throughout different times in my relationship. This song is my reflection of that, building to the grander theme of the album which is about the good and the bad parts of connecting with someone."


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7. Prateek Kuhad Teases Upcoming Album With 'Just a Word'

Prateek Kuhad may not be as famous here in the states as he is in his native India, but his universal sound is making him a sensation around the globe, and we think music lovers everywhere should know his name. His latest single, "Just a Word," is whispery and intimate, describing a relationship that's not quite a relationship, and the love that could be if the other person would just say yes. "I wanted to write something that was a bit more pop for fun, compared to my older, folksier stuff," Prateek explained in a press release. "This record feels like the most 'me' in that sense—it really is exactly what I wanted to do." This song is just a tease of what will be on his upcoming album, The Way That Lovers Do, and we cannot wait to hear it.


8. Red Velvet Drop New EP, The Reve Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm

K-pop group Red Velvet dropped a whimsical new EP, The Reve Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm, and fans of the genre will instantly fall in love with its six compelling tracks. The title track really sets the scene for the entire EP, sampling Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air On The G String," contrasting classic sophistication with the more modern hip-hop-inspired aspects of the track. Its music video also has all kinds of fairytale vibes, painting the members into classic art masterpieces.



9. James Bay Fights for Love in 'Give Me the Reason'

James Bay's voice never fails to give us goosebumps, and that's truer than ever with his latest single, "Give Me the Reason." You can feel the power and authentic emotion of his voice in every single line of the captivating rock track as he promises to give a dwindling relationship his all. "I wanted this song to feel huge and emotional," James explained in a press release. "It's about that moment when you feel like the sun is beginning to set on a relationship, it's about the fight to stay together. I want it to explode with energy when I play it live. It's about feeling your heart beat fast and love racing through your veins."


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10. beabadoobee Throws Caution to the Wind in 'Talk'

baeabadoobee hasn't ever released a track we didn't like, and we're obsessed with her latest musical turn and the release of her new pop-rock jam, "Talk." The song's about pursuing a connection with someone and not quite being sure what it is or where it's going, but going along with it anyhow. We just know this one is going to get everyone singing along at Coachella. Bea is also releasing her sophomore album Beatopia on July 15, and that date seriously couldn't come any sooner!


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