10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of Jan. 29, 2021

That's a wrap on January! Can you believe how fast the first month of 2021 flew by?

And while we are indeed at the end of the month, there is surely a lot of good that came from it in terms of music. This week, in particular, we got some stellar new beats, albums and music videos from some of our favorite artists.

Interested to hear our favorite drops? Keep reading for ten big things that happened in music the week of Jan. 29, 2021.

1. Carson Rowland Wows With New Single, 'Miss Hollywood Wannabe'

The second we listened to Carson Rowland's "Miss Hollywood Wannabe," we knew it was about one of his exes. He's remaining tight-lipped about which ex-girlfriend, but it just makes it all the more intriguing! The song itself discusses a girl who used him to climb the Hollywood ladder, and we must say—we can feel the hurt in Carson's lyrics. Whether the song is about a long-time girlfriend or a one time fling, we hope we'll find out soon, because this tea is hot!


2. Girl Band Boys World Drops Music Video for 'Wingman'

If there's one thing we don't think we will ever get enough of, it's girl bands. That's why we were so excited to hear that Boys World dropped a new music video! "Wingman" features all five girls—Elana Caceres, Olivia Ruby, Queenie Mae, Lillian Kay and Makhyli. In a press release, the band released a joint statement: "The lyrics of 'Wingman' are truly uplifting and we felt it was important to get the message across to our fans that you are amazing as you are and on your own." Give it a listen for yourself—we think you'll love it.


3. Harry Hudson Releases Music Video for 'Closing Doors' ft. Astrid S

There's nothing we love more than a stunning piano ballad, and that's exactly what we get with Harry Hudson's "Closing Doors," featuring Astrid S. The music video shows Harry laying down singing his heart out, then, whenever Astrid S has a line, she pops up on the right side of the screen, looking out a rainy window. It's vibey to the max and is a great reminder that by closing doors, sometimes we allow even greater opportunities to arise.


4. Kendra Erika Stuns With New Track, 'Song Of Hope'

"Song Of Hope" is the track we desperately needed right now. Kendra Erika co-wrote this masterpiece alongside Charlie Midnight and Jan Fairchild—and it does not disappoint. "The one thing about this song is that it's that beacon of light at the end of the tunnel during these trying times," Kendra said in a press release, "It's a call to action for the world to be restored and for power to be given to the people."


5. A Day To Remember Drops Latest Single, 'Everything We Need'

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate road trip song, look no further than A Day To Remember's "Everything We Need." Part of their upcoming album, You're Welcome, we imagine this is just one of many hits. "This song is about going on a drive to clear your head and having a pinch me moment," Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember said in a press release, "realizing you have everything in life you need right now."


6. Caroline Romano Unveils New Single, 'Jagged Stars'

When a song leaves you ruminating over it hours after listening, that's a pretty good sign you just listened to something amazing. Caroline Romano's "Jagged Stars" is upbeat in tune, yet a bit sad in nature. It's a whirlwind of emotions, and it's so relatable. On one of her Instagram posts, Caroline wrote, "Jagged Stars is my way of describing what it's like to be young in the 21st century. When writing the song, it was the only way I could put into words how I feel, being 19 in this world."


7. U.K. Artist James Vickery Releases Single, 'Somewhere, Out There'

"Somewhere, Out There" by James Vickery is a song all about missing those we love. And with COVID in full effect, this beautifully-written track will resonate with people all over the world. In a press release about the song, James said, "I wrote this song for the people in the world who are unable to see their loved ones in this dreadful time, in the hope that there is some light at the end of the tunnel… 'Somewhere, Out There' is a song for anyone who misses their significant other right now."


8. Lauren Weintraub Drops Emotional Track, 'She's Mine'

If you've ever gone through a breakup, you'll fall in love with Lauren Weintraub's "She's Mine." Lauren sings about the thoughts we all have, and it's absolutely heart-wrenching. In a press release, Lauren said, "I wrote 'She's Mine' at a very emotional time in my life when I had just gone through my first big heartbreak. After about six months, I was finally starting to feel like myself again until I saw my ex with somebody new. I think everyone knows that insecurity of comparison and wondering if what they have is more special than what you used to have."


9. Olivia O'Brien Releases Retro-Inspired Music Video for 'Better Than Feeling Lonely'

After watching Olivia O'Brien's music video for "Better Than Feeling Lonely," we want to live in her world. The song was released earlier this month, but the music video truly brings it all together. Filmed in black and white, Olivia can be seen in a retro outfit, complete with killer eyeliner and big hair. The song is sung "on-air" for a tv show, and we can't help but wish it were real. She reminds us of a younger Ariana Grande—perhaps the biggest compliment we could think of!


10. Sam Feldt Drops Music Video for 'Stronger' ft. Kesha

Dutch DJ Sam Feldt teamed up with Kesha for their latest collab, "Stronger." The music video just dropped, and we can't stop watching it. The video is a boxing match between two versions of Kesha, and without giving too much away, each round is just as unique as the last. The song itself makes us want to get up and dance, and we think Kesha's hair and makeup have a lot to do with that. Makeup artist Vittorio Masecchia used Kesha Rose Beauty (Kesha's own line) to complete the look. Go watch for yourself!


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