10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of Feb. 12, 2021

Week after week, our favorite artists, new and old, continue to surprise us.

This week in particular, the world of music had a lot to offer. From newcomers to oldies, we got a little bit of everything, including Taylor Swift rereleasing yet another classic. There was so much to listen to, but if you keep scrolling, you'll find our top ten things that happened in music the week of Feb. 12, 2021.

1. Newcomer Bear2 Releases 'Retribution' From Upcoming EP

Alexandre Berthoud, aka, Bear2, is our absolute favorite up-and-coming artist. His soulful vocals will bring tears to your eyes, and his latest song, "Retribution", is absolutely no different. His musical style is a mixture of soul, folk, country, indie and pop—so a bit of everything. He told Sweety High, "'Retribution' is a song about getting revenge in the name of love for someone who has been through really terrible trials and tribulations in the past… Love is the force that can right all wrongs and I think as beings capable of love, we have a power to right wrongs for those that we love." Be on the lookout for Bear2's single, "Atlas Arms," dropping soon.


2. Sarah Dorothy Little Covers Noah Cyrus' 'July'

We didn't think anyone would be able to convey the feeling in "July" as well as Noah Cyrus herself, but boy were we wrong. Sarah Dorothy Little did her own take on the song and even shot a music video for it—and we're shook. Her vocals are so mature and bring about the relatable aspects of the lyrics in such a way that we simply can't stop hitting the replay button! This is a must-listen for anyone who's a fan of Noah Cyrus.


3. UK Artist Jamie Miller Drops Music Video for 'Hold You 'Til We're Old'

Sam Smith, is that you? Wales-born artist, Jamie Miller, just dropped the music video for his single, "Hold You 'Til We're Old," and we're completely floored. His voice is so raw and emotional, that it's hard not to get wrapped up in what he's saying. Jamie reminds us of a young Sam Smith, and we think he's about to be the next big thing in pop.


4. Amaya Stuns With New Single 'Sleep Alone'

Amaya spills her heart and soul with her new single, "Sleep Alone." From hauntingly familiar lyrics that we can't help but resonate with, to a stunning visual, we're loving it all. Our favorite lyrics from the song are, "I've built a world for you to like me. And put a ribbon around the truth. It felt too good for you to notice. When all the cracks began to show." We all put a front on for people, and it's nice to hear it sung so beautifully.


5. Allie X Covers Roxette's 'It Must Have Been Love' on Amazon Music

Available to stream exclusively through Amazon Music is Allie X's cover of Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love." We love her unique twist on the song and plan on listening to it throughout the weekend. In a press release about the song, she said, "I had fun producing this little cover of Roxette's 'It Must Have Been Love,' though I don't think anything beats the original! I first heard this amazing ballad in Pretty Woman and it's always had a place in my heart since then."


6. Luna Shadows Releases Debut EP, Digital Pacific

We've been counting down the days until Luna Shadows released her debut EP, Digital Pacific, and it's finally here! The album, which has 18 tracks total, is a journey in and of itself. In a press release about the album, she said, "Digital Pacific is an abstractly autobiographical concept album about the intersection of my online world and my analog life in Los Angeles. The album is sequenced like a Californian road trip, occasionally weaving in and out of the digital realm—and at times, colliding with it."


7. Restless Road Shares Their New Song, 'Took One Look at Her Momma'

There's nothing we love more than a timeless country song, and when we heard Restless Road's new song, "Took One Look at Here Momma," we knew we had struck gold. This song is the epitome of what we love about country music—from the lyrics to the vocals to the twang. If you have yet to listen to this amazing track, we suggest heading down the highway with the windows cracked. Goals!


8. Livingston Wows With New Single, 'Hercules'

At just 18 years old, Livingston has released his second single, "Hercules," which is part of his upcoming EP, An Unlikely Origin Story. We love the way he's able to weave a story in his music, and that's exactly what we get with this new song. In a press release about the track, Livingston said, "Hercules' is a song about fearing change and not wanting to lose myself due to the shifts in the scenery and people around me… this song is about looking forward and toward a message of self-acceptance and embracing my vulnerability as an 18-year-old artist."


9. Stephanie Poetri Drops Music Video for 'IRL'

2020 was one heck of a year, and Stephanie Poetri was able to sum it all up in the song, "IRL." We love it because it's super relatable, upbeat and makes us want to thank the ones who helped us. In a press release about "IRL," Stephanie said, "I wanted to make a song for all of the people that really helped get me through the year as a celebration of all of the good memories we had. It was my way of saying thank you, I appreciate you and love you to my loved ones, friends, family and my fans!"


10. Taylor Swift Surprises Fans With 'Love Story (Taylor's Version)'

We know, we know, Taylor Swift just announced that she is dropping another album, and no, this is not a drill. Fearless (Taylor's Version), will be a re-recording of one of her old albums, Fearless—with six incredible new songs tacked on—and "Love Story (Taylor's Version)" is its perfect first single. Some fans may not know of the drama with her old record label, but she made this new album on her own, and we couldn't be more proud! This release comes at pretty much the exact time of year that Fearless released 13 years ago, and we are not mad about it. We'll be taking a trip down memory lane with this album once April rolls around.


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