10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of March 26, 2021

Last week was absolutely killer in terms of music.

And guess what? This week was no different. Some of the biggest musical artists dropped some amazing new music, and we haven't been able to take our headphones off! From Taylor Swift to Johnny Orlando, there's something everyone will love. Below, you'll find 10 big things that happened in music the week of March 26, 2021.


1. Anxhelina Stuns With Single and Music Video, 'Run For'

Just today, Anxhelina dropped her latest single, "Run For," and we're loving it. The sultry beat is one you can't help but move your hips to, and we'll be the first to admit that we've already danced to it more than once. Anxhelina also released the music video for the song, and it's all sorts of sexy. With mood lighting, sensual dancing and a jaw-dropping sparkly outfit, she looks and sounds incredible.



2. Dylan Conrique Drops Highly Anticipated Single, 'After All'

Dylan Conrique is one of our favorite artists of the moment because her music is super relatable. After all, haven't we all had a not-so-fun prom experience? Her new single and music video for "After All" is something everyone will enjoy. In an interview with Sweety High, Dylan said, "In the music video, I wanted to show people that just because I don't get picked up by my prom date, or if something else doesn't work out, that it's not the end of the world. It's that other person's loss. And there's always gonna be 'heaven and hell' in life, you just gotta keep living it!"


3. Gunnar Gehl Releases Mesmerizing Music Video for 'Dance Alone'

Has an ex ever moved on, and you simply can't stand it? It sure seems that way for Gunnar Gehl in his new mesmerizing music video for "Dance Alone." With heart-wrenching vocals and a visually-stunning video, this is one song we could see ourselves crying to after a breakup. In a press release about the song Gunnar said, "'Dance Alone' is that sad song about not wanting to see the person you love happy with someone else. No matter how selfish it is, I don't want her to be with anyone else. It's definitely making the 'in your feels' playlist."


4. beabadoobee Gives Off Major '90s Vibes With Music Video 'Last Day On Earth'

beabadoobee will soon be releasing an EP, and "Last Day On Earth" is the first single, finally out! Upon watching the music video, we were instantly hit with a pang of nostalgia and got some major '90s vibes. The outfits, melody, video-style and pretty much everything made us want to transport ourselves to another time. This dreamy song is sure to be a hit, and it's one we plan on vibing to all weekend long.


5. Caleborate Wows With Music Video 'Contact' feat. Kota the Friend

We could listen to Caleborate's "Contact" on vinyl over and over again—in fact, that's exactly how it sounds! In this collaboration with Kota the Friend, the two artists have come up with a song that mixes electro-pop, alternative and rap. It gives us a sort of Black Eyed Peas' "Where Is the Love" vibe, and we're obsessed. The song, which is part of his new album Light Hit My Skin, is perhaps one of our favorite songs we've ever heard from him. When asked about the album in a press release, Caleborate said, "This album is about feeling feelings that black men aren't usually allowed to feel…it's about pursuit, within the context of this sort of new American dream."


6. Jax Has Fun With New Single, '90s Kids'

Jax is one woman who has been through it all. From being diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, to not being able to sing for a long time, to COVID, she's been through the ringer. But now she's back and better than ever! Her latest single, "90s Kids" is an ode to, you guessed it, '90s kids. It has a super cool and laid-back beat that's fun to sing along to. We're just crossing our fingers that she drops a music video for it soon!


7. Johnny Orlando Collaborates With DVBBS in New Song, 'I Don't'

We're counting down the days 'til we get to have a dance party with our friends, and Johnny Orlando's "I Don't" is our first choice of song! Featuring DVBBS, this song is one you'll play when getting ready for a fun night out or on a drive with your friends (especially if you're all single). In a press release about the song and Johnny's collaboration with DVBBS, he said, "I've learned so much from these guys, and I hope this isn't the last thing we do together. I think the pop-EDM crossover works really well on this track and that it's a perfect way to kick off the warm weather!"


8. Demi Lovato Drops Stunning New Song, 'Dancing With the Devil'

Our girl Demi Lovato has always wowed us with her incredible vocals, and that is no different when it comes to her new song, "Dancing With the Devil." In the song, she metaphorically sings of her past addictions, and it is truly inspirational. If anyone has ever had a bad habit or person they can't seem to stay away from, you'll find this song to be relatable on some level.


9. Taylor Swift Amazes Fans With Fearless Unreleased Track, 'You All Over Me' feat. Maren Morris

Taylor Swift is officially releasing (Fearless) Taylor's Version on April 9, and we couldn't be more excited. In the meantime, since she knew fans were equally as impatient, she dropped a previously unreleased track from Fearless, "You All Over Me." In this song, she collabs with country singer Maren Morris, and together, the pair are unstoppable. We can only imagine how amazing the rest of the album is going to be!


10. Justin Bieber Surprises Fans With Three New Tracks on Justice Album

Justin Bieber is our man-crush everyday, and with his new Justice album, we are officially Beliebers again. He surprised fans with the Triple Chucks Deluxe version of the album, which comes complete with three new tracks—"Wish You Would" feat. Quavo, "Know No Better" feat. DaBaby and "Name" feat. Tori Kelly. They round out the rest of the album perfectly, not to mention the artists he collabed with are equally as impressive! If you haven't yet, we highly suggest listening to the album—on repeat.


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