10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 16, 2021

We are somehow already halfway through April of 2021, but we're not complaining. The passage of another week means another day of incredible new music to blast out the windows.

And this week absolutely didn't disappoint, with strong releases from rising faves like VALÉ and almost monday to household names including Becky G and Kygo. Can't wait to hear our favorites? Keep scrolling for our 10 favorite things that happened in music the week of April 16, 2021.

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1. VALÉ and Kat Dahlia Collab on Hot New Track 'Oop'

Colombian singer-songwriter VALÉ is on fire in the new song "Oop," featuring Cuban American pop singer, Kat Dahlia, and we know it's not quite summer yet, but this sizzling track has us nearly convinced. Combining lyrics in English and Spanish, it satirizes music that glamorizes the quest for riches over the things that really matter. "'Oop' is a really special song to me since we made it in my home," VALÉ told Sweety High. "Heavy Mellow, Mark Johns and I spent a whole week making music in my house in Barranquilla, Colombia. 'Oop' was made as a mock towards today's society and how much they value material objects instead of real friendship, relationships, love, family. We wanted to make something really upbeat as well, and this one was just born so effortlessly. We all love this one, and think it's such a fun, feel-good tune."


2. almost monday Drop 'hailey beebs'

We can never resist songs that perfectly capture the feeling of falling in love, and indie pop trio almost monday's latest release, "hailey beebs," is just that. There's something epic yet understated about its rising keyboard sound, and we love the cheeky lyrical references to Hailey Bieber. It's also our first glimpse at the band's sophomore EP, set to release this summer, and we honestly cannot wait.


3. Citizen Queen Takes Us Back in Time With the Rousing 'Y'

We can't be the only ones who felt like we were being transported back in time to the '90s when we heard Citizen Queen's beautiful new track "Y." The ballad showcases the very best of the five-piece girl group's talents, hearkening back to our favorite R&B groups of decades past. It's a stunner that's as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. "This song is a huge piece of my heart and I'm so excited for the world to hear it," member Hannah Mrozak said in a press release. "I hope it brings people peace and healing, like it did for me."


4. Vella Puts an End to the 'Rumors' With Her Latest Release

We are so grateful to TikTok for introducing us to the honey-voiced Gabriella Valdes, better known as Vella, and her new track "Rumors" is the perfect showcase of what she can do with those pipes. Vella's voice is so soulful and mature beyond her 17 years, making the song's powerful message soar. "When I first heard 'Rumors' and the lyrics, I just clicked with it right away," Vella explained in a press release. "As a person that has dealt with drama throughout high school, I really identified with the song. I hope listeners can hear some of their own experiences in the song and learn to ignore anyone who is talking bad about you. If people are talking, good or bad, just roll with it and don't let their opinions bring you down." The music video is just as stunning and surprising as the track—and the tiger on a leash is just the beginning of the fun.


5. James TW Channels Heartbreak In New Song 'Butterflies'

English singer-songwriter James TW 's latest release, "Butterflies," is a flawless description of a breakup you never wanted to happen—and there's a good reason for it. The heartbreaking song was based on his real feelings after the end of a six-year relationship. "Everything I wrote was about the breakup," James explained in a press release. "I basically met her when I was 15 years old. We started going out a year later. We were living together. I was honestly planning the rest of my life around her. It was obviously a big shock to the system, so the songs came flooding out. I wanted to capture all of the different emotions in the aftermath." But don't worry too much about having your heart smashed into a million pieces by the music video, as James took a more comedic (and costume-centric) approach to bring the song to life.


6. Jauz and HALIENE Celebrate Earth Day With the Stunning 'Oceans & Galaxies'

What exactly does a celebratory single for Earth Day sound like? Turns out, the result is the lusciously larger-than-life "Oceans & Galaxies" by DJ and producer Jauz and singer-songwriter HALIENE. "We wrote 'Oceans & Galaxies' at the start of the pandemic, and I wanted to write something that expressed the longing of those we couldn't be near to," HALIENE told Sweety High. "So many people were missing special events with each other, it was a hard time for all of us. I wrote these lyrics to remind us all that love knows no distance." And not only is the ethereal track super catchy and captivating, but it was also created with a cause in mind. On Earth Day (April 22) the duo will be performing the single acoustically on Monstercat's Twitch to benefit Beneath the Waves, an ocean conservation foundation.



7. Japanese Rock Band ONE OK ROCK Inspires With 'Renegades'

We have to admit that we're super late to the game when it comes to Japanese rockers ONE OK ROCK, but better late than never, because their new song "Renegades" is exactly what we needed right now. Cowritten by the one and only Ed Sheeran, it's a call to action for people to look at the state of things, and for all of the renegades out there to go after what inspires them and change the world, one action at a time. It's the perfect pump-up song to get you ready to make a difference.


8. Kygo Releases the Beautiful 'Gone Are the Days,' Featuring James Gillespie

Fans have been eagerly anticipating Norwegian producer's first release of 2021, and "Gone Are the Days" certainly does not disappoint. Featuring the heavenly vocals of U.K.-based artist James Gillespie, the downbeat track is melodic but heartbreaking, with lyrics about losing someone who mattered because you didn't appreciate them enough when you had them. Prepare to get emotional, because this one hits hard.



9. Laura Marano and Alextbh Team Up for 'Honest With You'

Trying to work up the courage to tell your crush what you think about them? You may want to put Laura Marano and Alextbh's infectiously fun new song "Honest With You" on repeat. The song is so fun and candid, and is all about that moment when it's finally time to expose your feelings to that person you've been thinking about. "I actually first found out about my incredible duet partner for 'Honest With You' while I was working on duet versions of two other songs last summer," Laura explained in a press release. "But even then, I thought Alextbh would best suit 'Honest With You' out of all my songs (and not just because part of his name means 'to be honest,' though I would be lying if I said I didn't also think about/love that wordplay aspect. I'm kind of a nerd)."


10. Becky G Joins Forces With Emotional Oranges on 'Down to Miami'

Here's another sweltering track that makes us feel like summer needs to arrive ASAP. The guitar-driven "Down to Miami" is a powerful collaboration between L.A. group Emotional Oranges and Becky G, resulting in a dreamy, sultry tune that just makes you want to move your body. "Everyone who knows me knows I love a vibey record, and this is the kind of track I never grow tired of listening to," Becky said in a press release. "I was so excited to collaborate with Emotional Oranges and feel like we really brought our L.A. style down to Miami with this one."


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