10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 23, 2021

Another beautiful spring week brings with it another incredible week of new music from our very favorite artists.

We're not quite sure how they do it, but they seem to keep topping themselves again and again. This week, we saw epic new releases from JJ Lin, Noah Cyrus, Sofia Reyes, Against the Current and so many more. In fact, there were so many great new tunes this week we struggled to pick our top tracks! With that said, keep scrolling for our 10 favorite things that happened in music the week of April 23, 2021.

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1. Elise Eriksen Soars With New Track 'Young Once'

Elise Eriksen is one artist we've been watching very closely in 2021, and her new single "Young Once" is a clear demonstration of her musical talents. This booming anthem about young love encapsulates the feeling beautifully while reminding us not to let these magical moments slip past us. After all, we're only young once.


2. BAYLI Reinvents Stirring Single 'not safe' With New Acoustic Version

BAYLI's beat-driven 'not safe' was an absolute stunner when it released in September of 2020, but we think the new acoustic version, with its gentle fingerpicked guitar sound and stripped-back vocals, makes the message even more powerful. It's a song about realizing you're being taken advantage of in a relationship and giving so much more than you're getting back, and we cannot stop listening.


3. Madi Rindge Drops Smooth Weekend Jam 'Cruisin'

Looking for a track to blast in the car for your next weekend drive with friends? Look no further than Madi Rindge's 'Cruisin,' a soothing, easy new track about friendship and togetherness that'll make all of your worries melt away. "'Cruisin' is about the way I feel when I'm with my best friend," Madi told Sweety High about the song. "Life is easy and right, like cruising down PCH with the windows down."


4. Jordan McGraw Releases the Funky, Falsetto-Driven 'HER'

Jordan McGraw never ceases to impress us, and the pulsing new track "Her," featuring grooving synths and an infectious guitar sound, might be our favorite yet. Jordan has a truly stellar voice, bringing this track about chasing a woman (who probably doesn't reciprocate his feelings) to life. And did we mention that the song was co-written with Joe and Nick Jonas, plus Ross Golan and The Space Primates?


5. Gunnar Gehl Shares the Steamy 'Somewhere We Can Be Alone'

If you're in the mood for something a bit sultry and romantic this weekend, we can't recommend Gunnar Gehl's "Somewhere We Can Be Alone" highly enough. "'Somewhere We Can Be Alone' is a really fun, intimate song about having that tension with someone, but being in a place with a lot of people and wanting to get away and have a moment alone," Gunnar told Sweety High. The music video takes that idea even further with the love interests meeting on an airplane—only to have that plane crash and burn on an isolated beach.


6. Brynn Cartelli Celebrates Love With 'Long Way Home'

Stunning new tracks like "Long Way Home" remind us precisely why Brynn Cartelli won The Voice. The skilled singer-songwriter has a voice that just begs for you to sing along with her, and with its upbeat message and the most addictive guitar riff, "Long Way Home" is bound to be a go-to karaoke track for many. It's about leaving the party early to spend more one-on-one time with the one you love, and taking your time getting there because it's about the journey and not the destination. The music video is just as fun as the track itself, seeing Brynn and her real best friends making the most of things as they parade through New York City.


7. Against the Current Transforms 'weapon' Into an Acoustic Masterpiece

When Against the Current's 'weapon' first came out in March, it was a rocking, emotional narrative about self-destructive tendencies and going to war with ourselves. Now, the band is back with a stirring acoustic version that might cut even deeper. There's something about the simplified instrumentation and gentler vocal that feels so raw, and we honestly don't know which version of the track we love more.


8. Imanbek, Sean Paul and Sofia Reyes Join Forces for the One-of-a-Kind 'Dancing on Dangerous'

There is something so powerful about forces from different genres and backgrounds coming together to make new music together, and the incredible "Dancing on Dangerous" is proof. In the track, Sean Paul's reggae stylings and Sofia Reyes' Latin vocals are brought together by Imanbek's unique production to create something we've never heard before—and the video is just as eye-catching. "This video is very special for me," Sofia told Sweety High. "I've never shot anything like this before, sharing an intimate part of my life, and the way we shot it (with mobile devices with a crew of four, including me) was a great new experience"


9. PJ Harding and Noah Cyrus Drop the Collaborative EP People Don't Change

When PJ Harding and Noah Cyrus released their first collaborative single "Dear August" in February, we knew this duo was on to something good. Clearly, they thought the same thing, because they just released a six-track EP together of folksy country tracks that feel like comfy lullabies. "Saying 'People Don't Change' could come across as kind of bitter or sad, but to me the title is more about hope and acceptance. We are who we are with all our frailties and failures, and we're not gonna change so it's really about trying to forgive and love yourself and others," PJ told Sweety High. "Noah has an amazing willingness to be honest and vulnerable both with me as a co-writer, and the whole world as an audience. It's a part of what makes her such a powerful performer and I think to make the type of music we're making it's so important. I can't think of anyone I'd rather make this music with."


10. Mandopop Singer JJ Lin and Anne-Marie Team Up of the Ballad 'Bedroom'

Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin may not be a household name here in the states, but he's a talent who everyone should know. Just listen to his latest release, "Bedroom," featuring English vocalist Anne-Marie, to find out why. The singing sounds like something out of a fairytale musical, building up with her verses until it switches off to him, and finally into a swelling duet. But, if you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll see it's a tale of mistaken emotions. They're both picturing the other being heartbroken, when that isn't really the case at all.


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